Section 4: Ladies Brae to Coolaney

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Section 4 Ladies Brae to Coolaney

Section 4 Ladies Brae to Coolaney

Ascent: 40m
Length: 12km (7miles)
Time: 2.5 Hours
Waymarking: Yellow Arrows
Grade: Moderate
Minimum Gear: Sturdy walking/trekking shoes, waterproofs, fluids, snacks and mobile phone
OSI Map: Series 25
Services: Coolaney
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An initial short climb is followed by a long descent onto the southern slopes of the hills. The high bog roads are followed by quiet minor roads passing numerous small farm holdings. To the south you’ll be able to see the single Hill of Knocknashee, 5km in the distance and rising 300m into the air. It is the site of an astounding and recent archaeological discovery: 30 circular house sites and two large cairns, thought to be passage tombs.

Grade: Moderate - These trails may have some climbs and may have an uneven surface where the going is rough underfoot with some obstacles such as protruding roots, rocks etc. The routes are appropriate for people with a moderate level of fitness and some walking experience. Specific outdoor walking footwear and clothing is recommended.

The Route

Follow the way up along the quiet Ladies Brae road. At around 35.5km reach a crossroads; turn left uphill along a good bog road. This soon levels out and starts descending reaching a tarmac surface at a house. 38km - Look out for a wedge tomb in the field beside the road, the tomb is known locally as the Giant’s Grave. At approximately 41.5km, follow the way markers to the right onto a quiet road, which winds its way straight through a cross roads into Rockfield. At a T-junction turn left, continue past the church to enter Coolaney village along the pleasant riverside walk.

Don't Miss!

Just east of Coolaney village on the edge of the Ox Mountains lies an area called Tullaghan and the Hungary Rock. Legend holds that if you throw a pebble at Hungary Rock whenever you pass, you will never go hungry on your journey. Tullaghan also has a famous well close to the Hungary Rock, where its waters are reputed to rise and fall with the tide and legend has it that the water it contains can never be boiled.

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