sligo way The Sligo Way

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The Sligo Way is a waymarked long distance walking route which starts at Lough Talt on the Sligo/Mayo border (R294). It continues eastwards for approximately 80km/50 miles along the line of the Ox Mountains, ending at Dromahair, Co Leitrim. With intriguing archaeological and geological features along the route. The Sligo Way covers a range of terrain, including quiet country roads, laneways and forest tracks. The walk is signposted using a combination of wooden marker posts and metal finger posts. It can be walked in sections or in it’s entirety which is estimated would take approximately 3 days.

The flora along the Sligo Way is typical mix of blackthorn, heather, primrose, fox glove and many other plants. You’re also likely to encounter fallow deer, stoats and pine martens along the route, while above are sparrowhawks, finches and peregrine falcons. Look out for rowan trees with their reddish bark; the Celts believed these trees were sacred and that they protected against evil spirits.

Grade: Moderate - These trails may have some climbs and may have an uneven surface where the going is rough underfoot with some obstacles such as protruding roots, rocks etc. The routes are appropriate for people with a moderate level of fitness and some walking experience. Specific outdoor walking footwear and clothing is recommended.

Notice: Some of the property traversed by the Sligo Way is private property. Access is available by kind permission of all the landowners and farmers on the route. It is understood that persons entering by permission do so with the consent of the landowner and no matter how often they enter, or in what numbers, they do not do so as of right. No amount of expenditure by the partners to this agreement or by private individuals on the route being used will alter this position. Nothing in this notice shall impact or address any pre-existing public rights of way.

Dogs are not permitted on sections of the trail that cross open farmland.