strandhill Strandhill

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Length: 4km
Waymarking: None
Grade: Easy
Minimum Gear: Trainers
OSI Map: Series 25
Services: Strandhill Village
Terain: Beach
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This beach boasts some of the most popular surfing waves in the country and is a fine place to stretch your legs. Beware of the mercilessly strong tide here though as it can swallow up the beach before your walk is even finished.

The Route

Start at the car park located on the promenade overlooking the beach. Start walking to your right facing the beach (north). Continue along the beach following the coastline. Pass the runway and head towards the old church located in Kilaspugbrone. The way back takes you along the same route passing woodland and finishing off back in the car park in Strandhill Village.

Did you know?

The nearby Killaspugbrone Church is reputed to be founded on the spot where St Patrick lost a tooth!

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