Rosses Point

Walk Information:

  • Length: 2.9km
  • Ascent:
  • Time:
  • Trailhead:
  • Waymarking: None
  • OSI Map Series: Series 25
  • Longitude: 54.3085119579
  • Latitude: -8.5782623291
  • Suggested Gear: Trainers

Directions - How to get to the Trailhead.


This is the small seaside village where William Butler Yeats and his brother spent their summers at Elsinore House. Nestled between the mountains of Benbulben and Knocknarea, the walking route offers views of Oyster Island and Coney Island.

The Route

You begin your 2.9km walk at the Church of Ireland as you come into Rosses Point. Continue along the promenade with great views of Oyster Island to your left. This island lies a short distance across the channel from the promenade and derives its name from the oyster beds which existed along its shores until the turn of the century.
At the end of the promenade you can see the Pier in the distance and the Metal Man out to sea. It was erected in 1821 and stands pointing seafarers on the correct course. Dressed as a seaman of that period with blue coat and white trousers, he stands 12 feet high and weighs 7 tons. The route then follows the road to the right where you take a right at the T-junction on the Beach Road. Passing the Tennis grounds, take another right past the Hotel and a left on to the road parallel with the promenade.
Follow this road until you arrive at the junction that brings you back to the Church of Ireland completing your walk.

N.B Route can be walked in either direction.
Don’t Miss! The poignant ‘Waiting On Shore’ monument near the lifeboat stations which depicts a woman with arms outstretched into the distance was erected on August 10th 2002.