St. Patricks Tooth

St PatrickIf you find yourself in Strandhill or Sligo this weekend, take a walk over to Killaspugbrone Church, founded by St. Patrick and on the original site of Strandhill Village. The existing structure was built sometime between 1150 and 1220 and is said to have replaced the original church on the same site. The addition of the tower and other alterations occurred in the 15th and 16th centuries.

On the occasion of visiting Killaspugbrone, St. Patrick supposedly tripped, hit his jaw on a rock and lost a tooth. He gave the tooth to Bishop Bronus, who was in charge of the church, as a sign of friendship. The Fiacal Phadraig, ‘Shrine of St. Patricks Tooth’ was made to house the relic sometime around 1376 for Thomas de Birmingham. The relic can be viewed today at the National Museum in Dublin.