The Black Pig of Muckdubh

If your planing on taking our Walk of The Week this weekend then don’t even think about leaving Enniscrone without paying a visit to The Black Pig sculpture across the road from the Diamond Coast Hotel on the R297. The sculpture was created by Cillian Rogers of Dromore West to mark the spot where this vicious beast was slain.
Legend has it that in South Donegal an evil spirit took possession of an old sow and took to attacking and eating the local men, women and children. Some of the local hunters set on a mission to rid themselves of this vicious creature and chased the beast through Sligo and on to Lenadoon in Easkey where the pig plunged into the sea and swam ashore at Enniscrone strand. The pursuit finally ended inland where the beast was slain and buried under a mound of clay and stone. The locals run a festival each year in July to honour the pig and its legend.