Aughris Coastal Walk

  • Trailhead: Beach Bar Car Park
  • Length: 4km
  • Ascent: 40m
  • Time: 1 hr
  • Suggested Gear: Walking Shoes / Boots
  • Longitude: 54.269252
  • Latitude: -8.757021

The Trail Map:- OSI Map Series 25

The newly extended and redeveloped Aughris Coastal Walk is one of the most spectacular walks in Sligo, and indeed anywhere along the Wild Atlantic Way. It’s also relatively flat, and at just 4km it’s one that will appeal to all members of the family and to those looking for a gentle looped walk along a clearly marked path, along with a mix of great views!

Looking north from Aughris Head
Aughris Coastal Walk along the Wild Atlantic Way – photo

The Route
Park considerately near the Beach Bar which overlooks Aughris Beach. Once you arrive at a cross roads, turn right for Aughris Pier. The coastal walk is located to the left of the pier. The trail itself is approximately 4km in length and is a mixture of grass and gravel paths, which, for the most part, is fenced on both sides. Note that there are sections where the path runs along an unfenced coastal grass section, and extra care should be taken here. Allow between 45 minutes-1 hr to complete the walk – although you may get distracted by the stunning views and decide to take your time! The walk is fairly flat with just some gentle inclines.
After 3km kilometres, the path turns away from the coast towards a World War II look-out post and a deserted village where it meets a minor road. Follow this until you reach a T-junction, turn left, go straight through the next cross roads to complete the walk.

The Aughris Coastal Walk is one of the most spectacular coastal walks anywhere on the Wild Atlantic Way. It is very manageable for anyone with a basic level of fitness , and at 4km, is the perfect length for a ramble with all members of the family.

The Beach Bar is a wonderful establishment which offers good food and drink (when Covid restrictions allow) and is well worth a visit upon completion of your walk.

Note: It is worth noting that the path is quite narrow in parts, and therefore you should consider visiting here at times when it is likely to be quieter. As mentioned, some parts are unfenced and therefore require care, especially the grassy sections. Therefore good walking footwear is a requirement, and bring a light waterproof mac with you as well just in case!

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  • Plan ahead and Prepare
  • Dispose of waste properly
  • Leave what you find
  • Respect wildlife and farm stock
  • Be considerate of others
  • Minimise the effects of fire

Directions - How to get to the Trailhead.

The Aughris Coastal Walk is located some 6km from the N59 national route between Sligo and Ballina. Taking the minor road near Skreen Catholic Church, signposted Aughris Head/Dunmoran Strand. Park considerately near the Beach Bar which overlooks Dunmoran Strand.

5 thoughts on “Aughris Coastal Walk

  1. One of my favourite walks . Route very well marked . Lovely views out over the sea .I usually turn and come back the same way as love the sea views

    1. Probably not Sarah, there are a few “kissing gates” which would require the buggy to be lifted over, and most of the path is a soft gravel which might not be comfortable on hard plastic wheels. Take a look at the photos on the walk info page, you should be able to tell from these if its suitable for your buggy.

  2. Completed this walk this morning. The route was very well marked out and the views and information provided en route were fabulous.
    Well worth it.
    I would highly recommend .

  3. Had the most wonderful walk today on Aughris loop walk. Just wanted to let you know I met 3 different families who had members slip and fall on the two fields with no paths. They were actually dangerous today especially near the entrance and exit gates. A lady had warned me so I was taking it very carefully. Just wanted to advise you. Such a wonderful walk thanks for all your work with Sligo Walks.

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