Garavogue River Walk

  • Trailhead: Car Park, Street Parking
  • Length: Up to 7km
  • Ascent: Minimal
  • Time: Varied
  • Suggested Gear: Trainers
  • Longitude: 54.271138763
  • Latitude: -8.4702014923

The Trail Map:- OSI Map Series 25

This walk incorporates the Sligo town Sli Na Slainte and the Doorly Park nature trail along the banks of the Garavogue River. Doorly Park was named after a late Bishop of Elphin, Dr. Edward Doorly but Colonel W. G Wood-Martin originally developed the wetlands of his estate, called Cleveragh.

Garavogue River Doorly Park

The Route
Start from the blue and yellow Sli sign on Kennedy Parade opposite the Embassy Rooms, follow the path along the riverside into Doorly Park, follow the nature trail through the park and loop back onto the Crozen Promenade and walk back to Kennedy Parade.

Did you know?
Sligo’s Irish name Sligeach – meaning shelly place – allegedly originates in the abundance of shellfish found in the river and its estuary, and from the extensive ‘shell middens’ or Stone Age food preparation areas in the vicinity. The river now known as the Garavogue ‘rough river’ was also called the Sligeach!

Directions - How to get to the Trailhead.

Park on Kennedy Parade across from the Embassy Rooms in Sligo town centre. Parking is also available at Doorly Park and Cleveragh Park.

2 thoughts on “Garavogue River Walk

  1. About 120m of the riverside path near Cleveragh Park is currently flooded – as it often is during winter months.
    When you’re coming from town, once you reach the boat club sheds / car park / slipway – if you take the footpath/cycle path beside the road, you can walk up to Cleveragh Park and do a loop of the park (and add in a loop of Cairns Hill if you’re feeling energetic). Then return back towards Sligo the same way – and rejoin the river path at the boat club if you want some more river time!

  2. Moved to Sligo just before the lockdown 2020 2nd one). We found this walk and have been so thankful to be able to walk it everyday. Being out side has kept out sprits up and makes it a little easier to not be around family and friends.

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