Walking News

Discovering Sligo On Your Doorstep

If you have a couple of hours to spare this Summer, we highly recommend you join the Sligo Walking Trail, which provides tours every day that are both informative and free to the public. The Sligo Walking Trail brings walkers on a whistle stop tour of the town, unveiling interesting and often unknown bits and […]

New Safety Measures on Knocknarea

A series of new marker posts installed on the Queen Maeve Trail on Knocknarea will help walker safety and could save lives, according to supporters of the project. Ciarán Davis, Team Leader with Sligo Leitrim Mountain Rescue Team (SLMRT), says that these markers “can have a major role in keeping people safe on the mountain. […]

14 Places to Visit on the Yeats Trail

The many roadside rambles and woodland walks taken by a young WB Yeats in Sligo led to some of the poet’s best loved works, and these have now been gathered together in a useful new website www.YeatsTrail.ie. From The Wanderings of Oisin to The Fiddler of Dooney, The Stolen Child to the much loved The Lake Isle of Innisfree, themes explored […]

7 Roadside Walks in Sligo

As we look forward – in hope! – to an improvement in the weather, it’s probably a good time of year to consider shorter, flatter routes rather than some of the more strenuous upland trails. In this way we can avoid slippery and waterlogged terrain, make the most of the shorter daylight hours and still […]

Hillwalking in Poor Weather

Here in Sligo, we live in a part of the world where we don’t always get the clear weather we want to enjoy all that beautiful scenery. And the weather, even when you set out and it’s fine, can change pretty quickly, especially at this time of year. We do have a series of safety […]

Benbulben Forest Walk Perfect for the New Year

As we look ahead to the New Year and the resolutions that go along with that, how about exploring some of the walks we find on our doorstep? And what better way to start than by visiting Benbulben Forest Walk at Gortarowey, which has been recently improved by the addition of new signage at each […]

Hazelwood – a national forest on our doorstep

As we look for pleasant walks (with a welcome natural canopy to protect us from the elements) at this time of year, look no further than the newly improved and extended Hazelwood Forest Walk. Improved – certainly, following extensive work by Coillte led by horticulturalist Hedda Dick, whose team has done wonderful work in cutting […]

Sligo Public Warned About Wildfires

With wildfires reported in several locations around Ireland, and with temperatures set to continue to remain high over the weekend, members of the public are reminded to take care while walking here in Sligo and throughout the country. Unfortunately we have suffered from wildfires in Sligo in the past, and we should all take steps […]

5 Sligo Walks that inspired WB Yeats

As we celebrate Yeats Day – June 13th, the great poet’s birthday, we check out some of the places in Sligo that inspired him so much that he wrote about them in some of his most celebrated poems. So, we all know that Ireland’s most famous poet was from Sligo. Well, ok, maybe that’s not […]

Annie’s Illustrations Put Sligo On The Map

Since her arrival in Sligo almost 30 years ago, illustrator Annie West has been a creative force in bringing Sligo and its culture to audiences worldwide. Widely known for her tongue in cheek take on WB Yeats, in more recent times she has also worked as a key member of the Sligo Walks team, designing […]

TrailGazers heads to La Palma

TrailGazers: the first face-to-face steering committee meeting of the project since 2019 takes place on La Palma. The Dirección General de Lucha contra el Cambio Climático y Medio Ambiente, of the Gobierno de Canarias prepared a memorable meeting with workshops and field trips. After more than two years of online meetings, the project partners were […]

Walking – forming a habit for life

For many people, walking is something to do on a daily basis – going to the shop, bringing the kids to school, taking the dog for a walk. But for many others, it’s the opposite, the idea of regular exercise is something we can all struggle with. But as we all know, regular exercise is […]

New Safety Videos To Help Lost Hikers

In light of the large increase in numbers of people hiking or mountaineering in Ireland in the past couple of years, the Sligo Leitrim Mountain Rescue Team has produced six short informational videos to help people stay safe when on the mountain. The safety video series is the first of its kind produced by a […]

Developing Walks For The Community

Many of you walking in Sligo recently will be aware of significant changes at some of the most popular walking locations around the county. This involves the extension of certain walks, as well as the improvement in important infrastructure to aid access and safety at others. This week we’ll introduce you to some of these […]