Calling the emergency services when lost

If you are lost on the mountain, and before you call the Emergency Services, check to see if you can find your location. Use a map and compass to do this, or you may also be able to find your position via the map application on your mobile phone. However, remember that mobile coverage can be poor on the mountain, especially in remote locations.

If you need the
Emergency Services call
999 or 112

When calling for help ring 999 or 112 and ask for the Gardaí and then Mountain Rescue, the more information that you can provide the better as it will enable the appropriate level of help to find you in the shortest possible time.

  1. Location, this may be a grid reference, a name of the mountain, townland or even a description of the terrain or where you parked and how long you have been out for.
  2. Nature of injuries, names of casualties, any underlying conditions.
  3. Number and condition of the other party members.

Be ready to describe the nature of any incident, the weather conditions , equipment that you have with you (warm clothing, food), any distinguishing features (river, lake, road, distinctive hill, flat ground).

Turn off the apps on your
mobile phone to conserve

Be careful with your mobile phone. The battery and function will be affected by cold and damp, minimise all use except for contacting the Emergency Services.

You should close all applications (Apps) on your mobile phone. These run in the background and will reduce your battery power. Also turn off the WiFi and Bluetooth settings and put the phone into low-battery mode.

Have all details ready when making a call, you may have to move to higher ground for a signal or check if other party members have different network coverage.

Remember that the Mountain Rescue service is available 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. Our aim is to keep you safe. Prepare well for your hike, but if you find yourself in trouble, and unable to safely descend the mountain, call us on 999 or 112 to avail of our help.