Streedagh Beach

  • Trailhead: Beach Car Park
  • Length: 6km Return
  • Ascent: None
  • Time: 1.5 hours
  • Suggested Gear: Trainers, Barefoot
  • Longitude: 54.404480
  • Latitude: -8.560176

The Trail Map:- OSI Map Series 16

Streedagh Strand is an impressive 3km long sandy beach located on the north western shore of a sandbar linking Streedagh Point to an area known as Connor’s Island. This is an exposed beach with reef breaks which create ideal surfing conditions all year round.

Streedagh Beach

The Route
This linear coastal route takes the walker along a narrow strip of Atlantic coastline and provides access to various rocks embedded with fossils as well as the famous Spanish Armada shipwreck site.

Did you know?
Three ships of the Spanish Armada were wrecked on Streedagh Beach in 1588. The Armada set sail to dethrone Elizabeth I, the Protestant Queen of England. However the Spanish lost the decisive naval battle at Gravelines in the English Channel, and the fleet sailed northwards rounding Scotland and Ireland in the hope of returning to Spain. The ships encountered a ferocious Atlantic storm, however, and up to 26 were wrecked off the Irish coast. These included three at Streedagh, where an estimated 1,100 Spaniards were lost to the sea. However, some survived through a mixture of good fortune and assistance from some of the Irish chieftains of the area. Captain De Cuéllar’s account of his experience of these events is an extremely significant piece of social history and his epic journey back to his homeland is commemorated to this day as part of Remembering the Armada, an annual commemorative festival held in Grange each September.
The carboniferous limestone rocks at Streedagh contain many species of fossil coral. Zaphrentis are particularly common here, formed about four hundred million years ago

Directions - How to get to the Trailhead.

Take the N15 to Grange and the L3203 Signposted to Streedagh. Turn right after 1.1km again following signage for Streedagh. Car Parking is available at the beach.

5 thoughts on “Streedagh Beach

  1. Staying in Radisson Blue in Sligo and receptionist highly recommended Streedagh Beach. We checked tides and arrived at low tide. Fabulous 3 km long walk in gale force winds and showers. Exhilarating. The beach is excellent and easy to walk on. Waves were spectacular. A little piece of unspoilt paradise. Be sure not to be caught by tide- go at low tide. Met several people also out walking and without exception all waved and called out greetings. Add Streedagh Beach to your must see place while in Sligo.

  2. Exceptional

    Possibly the best beach we found on our short stay at Bundoran. And the next bay (beyond Black Rock see map above) is even more special for its solitude.

  3. Definitely my favourite beach in Sligo! Would reccommend walking through the Dunes there too, there is some beautiful views when you climb high on the Sand Dunes. The walk to Connors island is beautiful and the view from the island is amazing.
    A clean, quiet and peaceful beach. Cannot say enough good things about it!


      Just a note that Connors island is private farmland with livestock including a bull grazing there, with no public right of way …. I know it’s beautiful but you should not walk on the island ….

  4. In 1963 i was 12…my family and i stayed in a b and at grange. The sound of tbe sea on the large stones at streda strand was like an audience was amazing. Ive never forgotten it. We went to graveyard where w.b.yeats is buried. It was september early evening and misty. We heard a chain rattling and got out pretty fast! It was a old man and his bycicle chain had broken….but we were already in the car!! Beautiful place…lovely memories.

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